Self Esteem 

I wrote this just to share a little part of my life, and something I’ve been struggling with for years. It’s now time to share abit of my story. Hopefully you will feel comfortable to share your story too. I hope you all enjoy this post. Thank you ❤ One thing I have started to … More Self Esteem 

The work of God

God is love. God is the truth. I’ve realised when God wants to do something in your life so many things we may see as strange starts to happen. The desires you used to have start to fade, you start to yearn for more. Your old ways become something of the past and God creates … More The work of God

Where is the love? 

No love in the world. Social media & technology has taken over the slightest bit of intimacy and reality we had left. Every step of our lives are connected to social media, people can’t even go on dates without checking their phones several times, scrolling through a bunch of crap, people can’t spend quality time … More Where is the love?